Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist league


Current Standings for League Season 2, 2016.


League Points per event.

1st: 3pts, 2nd: 2.5pts, 3rd: 2pts, 4th: 1.5pts. Everyone else receives 1 point for participation.

Anyone who participates in 5 or more events in the league season automatically receives 5 points at the end of the season.

Anyone who participates in 7 events in the league season automatically receives 7 points at the end of the season. Those who participated in all events in the previous league will automatically receive 1 point for the next league season.

Prizes at the end will be allocated as follows: 1st to 10th place.

Events such as Sneak peeks, Structure deck events, LLDS events, Regionals or BCT will also integrate into the league BUT only participation points will be awarded at these events and NOT ranked points.

A note on Tie Breakers. Tie Breakers function in the following sequence: 1. Amount of events participated in. 2. Total Tie breaker score for all events.