The Geek Home. Our new store.

The Full details of our 2nd Store! 

Name: The Geek Home

Location: Waterglen Shopping Centre. Waterkloof Glen, Pretoria.

What you will find on our shelves: Boardgames, Trading Card games, Statues, POP! figures, T-Shirts, Comic books, graphic novels and more!

Events at the new store: Unlike our current store the new store will be handling our approach to tabletop gaming events and activities in a very different fashion.

Key points: (A more comprehensive post will follow soon.)

  • We will have multiple demo games available for use, up to 120 games at opening and we will add more as time goes by. These will however have an in store rental fee attached to them per game.
  • Boardgaming open days will be held once a month. This will be on a predetermined Saturday of each month. Each open day will have a fee per person attached, this fee will give you access to any of our Demo games from 9:30am in the morning until 6pm in the evening.
  • MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh! and other card games. Events for card games will be done in an organized manner, as is currently the case in our current store. Our aim is however to also create a more competitive environment than our current store. 
  • Gaming nights will take place as follows. Mondays: Dungeons and Dragons. Wednesday: MTG Modern. Thursday: Boardgaming/Wargaming. Friday: FNM (Standard) / Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Saturday and Sundays will be handled as fully organized game days and will have a specific schedule which will be published very soon.
  • Organized events for other systems: We plan on also running organized events for the following systems. Shadespire, Warhammer 40k, Warhammer: Age of sigmar, Star Wars: Destiny, Legion, X-wing, Game of Thones LCG and more.

More info coming soon!