New Store Opening Soon!


Great news! The Time has finally come for us to evolve.

As a result we will be opening a 2nd store under our new trading name Geek Home. (Which many of you should know as

Location: The new store will be in the East of Pretoria and close to centurion in a very central location which is easily accessible from the highway.

When will the new store open? To be announced soon.

Events: The new store will be more than twice the size of the current store (Outer Limits Pretoria) and will have dedicated gaming space for up to 80 players, we will be hosting a large amount organized play events for all our current gaming systems including MTG, Yu-Gi-oh!, X-wing,  Pokémon, Warhammer, Destiny, Boardgaming, Dungeons & Dragons and more. We also plan on holding other popular culture events such as Cosplay competitions and Free Comic Book Day.

Plans for the new store: Our current plan for the new store is to create a hub for all Tabletop gaming and Geek Culture in Pretoria and Centurion.

Will you be closing the current store? No we will be keeping the current store open for now and plan on doing some inter store events. Events will also be structured in a way for everyone to enjoy both locations.

Are you completely changing your name? We are in the slow process of changing our name to Geek Home yes. The reason for this is simply that Outer Limits is a name we share currently with a company in Johannesburg. We are however moving now towards our own unique brand.

More details will follow soon.