MTG Kaladesh Prerelease Preregistration

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The Magic the Gathering Kaladesh Prerelease gives players their first opportunity to play with Kaladesh cards.

Inside each Prerelease box, players will find six Booster packs, a spindown life counter, and a randomized, date-stamped, premium promo card, drawn from any rare or mythic rare in the set.

Details for events being held at Outer Limits pta: (285 Lynnwood road, Menlo Park, Pretoria)

Prerelease Event dates:

  • 24 September 2016 (Saturday) (2 Events, 1 Normal sealed @ 11am and 1 Two headed Giant at 4:15pm)
  • 25 September (Sunday) @ 11am

Venue: Outer Limits Pta, 285 Lynnwood Street, Java Centre, Menlo Park, Pretoria. (Larger event parking rules applies for this event!)

Price: R 400 per person, per event. (Preregistration price, the price on the day will be more.)